13 Start-ups, attended the Tech-Talk organised by the NCB Technopreneurship Unit on the 8th August 2017. The Tech-Talk was held in the board room of the National Computer Board, 7th Floor Stratton Court, La Poudriere Street, Port Louis. The theme of the Tech-Talk was the Proof of Concept Scheme.
The aim of the Proof of Concept Scheme is to help the innovators in moving ahead with their research outputs and ideas with a view to developing prototypes, establishing Proof of concept and validating business cases. The Proof of Concept Scheme provides funding for an amount not exceeding Rs1.0m for the maximum duration of a project, not exceeding 12 months. This scheme is open to all:
• Micro, Small, Medium, Large enterprises;
• Start-Up Companies;
• Secondary and tertiary education institutions;
• Research institutions.
• Individuals in collaboration with an enterprise/ institution.
The Proof of Concept Scheme accepts project proposal in areas where opportunities exist to develop innovative technology based ideas for either new or improved industry oriented products, processes or services that will enhance socio economic benefits. The proposals will have to be in line with the national priority areas as per details from the application cover page: ICT; Electronics / Electrics; Medical/ Diagnostics; Services; Environmental and Pharmaceuticals among others
Applicants can submit a maximum of 2 project proposals for this scheme. However, no award will be made if the project is being fully funded by other agencies.
A project leader must be selected as the key person who is accountable for the overall direction of the project. The Key Person should be employed by the enterprise, company or institution submitting the project proposal. The potential applicants may request a meeting with the MRC to know about the requirements for their submission. Proposals can be submitted any time during the year under the Proof of Concept Scheme but awards will be made on a first come, first serve basis.
To apply for the Proof of Concept Scheme one must submit a soft copy of the application form together with one original hard copy obtained from the Proof of Concept Scheme Guidelines to Applicants, including the checklist which can be downloaded here.
When a project is accepted for award, to enable the grantee to initiate the project, funding will be released upon signing of the contractual agreements by all parties concerned for the first milestone. At the end of the funding period, a final report need to be submitted to MRC within 30 days including a verbatim statement of the project objectives, a summary describing the investigations and development carried out, the findings or results  and the potential commercial application of the R&D.