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NCB Technopreneurship Programme (National Computer Board)

Technopreneur Chris Gunnoo

Technopreneur, Mr Chris Gunnoo, promoter and Developer in collaboration with the IOT Club of Saint Esprit College represented by Kifah Sheik Meeran, Logan Veerapatrapillay, Jivitesh Babajee, Neel Gopaul, Dussoye Vadish, showcased the various projects worked out with students in a fun way.
(1) Smart car park, a system which is designed to suit in parking space at a shopping centre.
Each parking lot will have sensors placed in individual parking space for a vehicle. When the ultra-sonic sensors detect the presence of a vehicle, it marks this parking space as taken. Then the data is sent to the main controller which is connected to a display. The system calculates the amount of free space available in the parking lot and displays the value at the entrance. The system will ease the movement of vehicle in the parking space of the mall, the vehicle will move efficiently and those person looking for a parking will know if the parking lot is full or not.  Thus the latter will not waste time driving around and searching for a space to park. This system was built using Arduino Kit
(2) Smart Leisure park
This is a simulation of an amusement science park involving Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).  The park is animated with many activities, such as a windmill, a merry-go-round etc.  Color recognition sensors (blue, red, green and black) are used to activate the devices of the park.  Sensors, actuators, micro controllers are used to control the environment of the park. Leisure park makes use of Humming bird robotic kit to present the concept of the smart amusement park where various sensors and actuators are blended to create a relevant and useful environment. A sensor is developed which detects colours Red, Blue, Green and Black. A red card would activate a carousel and will play a musical tune. The Blue card when inserted would stop the carousel and starts a windmill while playing a different tune. A green card would activate multi colors (256 colors) under a bridge creating beautiful colors on the water underneath. When inserting a black card, this activates a forbidden place. A warning is given when someone gets near to the site. The computer speaks out "intruder detected". If that person gets closer two red lights are flashed and a buzzer alarm is heard. All these are programmed, using scratch programming which makes use of drag and drop.

(3) Traffic Light with Pedestrian crossing
The simulation of traffic light with pedestrian crossing is built, when the button is pressed to cross the road, the light changes to green after some time. The person has 5 seconds to cross. The light then flashes. The computer speaks out 10, 9, 8 and the light changes to red. Again here Scratch programming is used along with Hummingbird Microcontroller.
(4)   Robotic arm
The fourth project is really another great one. It has won the appreciation and recognition by the different members of universities present at Infotech 2016 for the efforts put into by young students in the making of a robot arm. This has been made with lots of trial and errors, along with lots of fun. It was a great encouragement for youngsters aged 12 to 15.