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NCB Technopreneurship Programme (National Computer Board)

Smart Health Ltd

Smart Health Ltd showcased the impact of Mobile Health Applications on Healthcare Services to members of the public during Infotech 2016. With their mobile technologies, they are able to make healthcare more accessible, affordable and efficient.
Smart Health is involved in the design of smart phone applications and desktop based solutions for all stakeholders involved in healthcare i.e. medical doctors, patients, insurance, laboratories and pharmaceutical companies.
Smart Health has developed an ecosystem of applications consisting mainly of Doctor app and a Patient app. The benefits provided by the Company are as follows:
• Doctors will be able to input patient data on a smart phone/tablet/computer/laptop and transfer digitally the information across a secured Cloud Platform
• Patients will be able to review their medical information on their smart devices
• Remote patient monitoring through medical Internet of Things (IoT)                      
• Better patient education about health conditions thus improving health literacy
• Access to remote consultations and enable a telemedicine platform
• Quick access to emergency services
• Improved disease surveillance and data collection through data analytics
• Patient reminders e.g. text messages, pills and appointment reminders in form of notifications on their smart devices
• Advanced real time analytics, tracking and analysis of health-related surveys, registering and monitoring patients
For more details you may visit Smart Health on or contact them on