​ ​SMART HEALTH LTD, the Grand Prize Winner, obtained a voucher of Rs200,000/- offered by the SBM and Shield of ICT Innovative Business IDEA Competition 2016

Smart Health Ltd is software and hardware development enterprise specialised in healthcare. Our aim is to make healthcare in both private and public sector more accessible, affordable and efficient. We develop user-driven innovative mobile health strategies to enhance the doctor-patient relationship. Smart Health enhances the journey of care through intuitive mobile health applications. Smart Health Ltd won the Grand Prize for the ICT Innovative Business Idea Competition 2016 and also the second prize for the European Telemedicine Innovation Competition in November 2016 in Oslo, Norway. Smart Health Ltd is the first non-European start-up to have made it so far in the competition. Our mobile health solutions improve efficiency and customer experience in healthcare institutions and insurance companies. For more information visit us on www.digitalworldhealth.com.

​ ​The second Prize Winner is Order Manzer and they took with them a Voucher of Rs150,000/- offered by the SBM and a shield of ICT Innovative Business IDEA Competition 2016.
​OrderManzer.mu lets people order food via the website (www.ordermanzer.mu) for delivery or collection in selected areas. It is the simplest way to order food online in Mauritius. We will be adding a mobile app for Android and iOS that will make it even easier to order food online and provides a number of additional improvements to our customer experience including ordering from your phone, tracking your order and receiving notifications on your order status. With OrderManzer, you can now order food from your mobile, tablet or PC, without ever having the need to step out of your house.
Pursely Team is the Third Prize Winner and they were remitted a Voucher of Rs50,000/- and a shield of ICT Innovative Business IDEA Competition 2016.

​Pursely Team presented an On-Demand Delivery Platform. It is a Smart and Easy Way to get Delivery from your favourite places Anytime, Anywhere and we deliver your Lunch, Dinner, groceries, Office supplies, Pet Supplies, Couriers or anything to your doorsteps. With our solution, customers receive their orders within 1 hour and can track in real time. Users can Search, Order, Track and review their orders from their Smart phone. Merchants built a better customer relationship and trust with a complete Solution. Freelancers can make extra cash while driving and delivering at their own schedule by Walk, Cycling, Biking and driving their own vehicles. We are launching in the first quarter of 2017 under the Brand name of Varcel.

​ ​The Merit Prize Winner, Y- Perochi received an ICT Innovative Business IDEA Competition 2016 Shield and a Voucher of Rs50,000/- offered by the SBM.

​Y- Perochi presented Park Twa a business venture aiming at bringing forward the concept of Smart parking in Mauritius. It is in line with the Smart Mauritius initiative put forward by the government looking into the smart mobility aspect whereby it will help in Real-time traffic control. The purpose behind this project is to provide a vehicle driver, with the help of an interface, to have access to the available parking spaces and a list of available parking services in different regions. It would provide businesses with a statistic of parking users involving a strategical advantage in parking management planning. It also provides a unique opportunity for these businesses to acquire customer behaviour pattern and focus on their needs. Finally, Park Twa with its technology would contribute to the international effort in reducing the carbon emission by cars by significantly reducing the parking time.

​ ​​ ​The Infinite Loop won the Jury Prize and they were remitted a Voucher of Rs50,000/- and a shield of ICT Innovative Business IDEA Competition 2016.
​The Infinite Loop business idea comprises of a free-on-download mobile app called Rode Mo Bricoleur which locate nearby handymen based on the user's current geo-location. It provides a wide array of handymen services such as plumbing, tile setting, masonry, carpentry, gardening, and electrical installations, amongst others. Ultimately, the user can book the handymen and pay directly online on service completion. Besides bringing utility to the Mauritian population, the main aim behind developing this app is promoting micro, one-man businesses enabling them to showcase their services, thereby targeting computer-literate customers. Hence, by registering with Rode Mo Bricoleur, these self-employed individuals can earn additional income on a monthly basis provided they undertake at least three customers per week.