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NCB Technopreneurship Programme (National Computer Board)
Frequently Asked Questions about TechIdeaSpace 2017

1. What is TechIdeaSpace? 
TechIdeaSpace is a program to help nascent Technology Start-ups to turn innovative/creative ideas into successful Businesses.
2. What is the aim of TechIdeaSpace?

The aim of TechIdeaSpace is to encourage development of ideas by Start-ups in the ICT Sector.

3. What are the objectives of TechIdeaSpace?

The objectives of TechIdeaSpace are

•  To ensure continuous creation of ideas and start-ups.
•  To inspire and stimulate development of innovative ideas among start-ups
•  To sensitise and disseminate knowledge on Technopreneurship.
•  To identify potential ideas for further transformation into successful businesses


4. When TechIdeaSpace 2017 Registration will open?

TechIdeaSpace 2017 Registration is Open Now.

All interested parties must fill up and email their Registration form which can be downloaded from the Forms or Download section or can be requested by sending e-mail to

Once your Registration is validated you will be invited to mail your TechIdeaSpace submission form to  within one month following validation of your Registration.


 5. Who can participate for TechIdeaSpace?

Participation to TechIdeaSpace is open to Teams comprising of any combination of team members from: Tertiary Students, Undergraduates,Graduates,   Postgraduates, Researchers,  IT and ITES professionals, Secondary Students and Aspiring Start-ups.


6. How do I form a Team for TechIdeaSpace?

To form a team for TechIdeSpace you have to  include a minimum of 2 members and up to a maximum of 4 Members comprising of any combination of Tertiary Students, Undergraduates, Graduates, Postgraduates, Researchers, IT and ITES professionals, Secondary students and Aspiring Students.


7. What about the Teams?

Your Team must have a Name and a Team Leader. The Team Leader must be the representative of the team and he/ she will be the contact person for the TechIdeaSpace 2017.



8. What types of Team Name can I choose for my Team?

Selection of Team Name can be any name apart from the name or surname of any members of the Team.


9. How many Team members should you have?

Team members should comprise of a minimum of 2 and up to a maximum of 4 members.

10. Why should we participate as a Team?

Working as a team makes it easier for you to brainstorm on your idea. This also helps in building trust, in fostering creativity & learning as well as in encouraging healthy risk-taking.


11. TechIdeaSpace welcomes which types of ideas?

TechIdeaSpace strictly welcomes Innovative/ Creative based business ideas in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to TURN these into successful businesses.
12. How can I join TechideaSpace?
You just have to fill up the registration form and email to  .The Registration Form which is:

o Available for Download in the Forms section OR
o Downloadable here
o Request by mail to 
13. What about the Teams? How many people can form part of a team?
The team must comprise of a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 members with any combination of Tertiary Students, Undergraduates, Graduates, Postgraduates, Researchers, IT and ITES Professionals, Secondary students and Aspiring Start-ups with Innovative IDEAS and are willing to TURN IDEA to Business.

14.  What background I must have to join TechideaSpace?

As TechideaSpace, welcomes Innovative/ Creative ICT related Business Ideas; therefore the Team Leader or at least one member in each team must have an IT background or have the necessary knowledge/skills to develop the prototype of the idea proposed.


15.  Can I submit more than one idea?

No, only one idea per team will be accepted.
16. What are the different stages of the TechIdeaSpace?

TechIdeaSpace have 6 stages as per details given below

   Stage1: Registration /Validation

   •  Registration is Open Now. Only Registered entries will be considered.
   •  TechIdeaSpace Registration form can be downloaded from the Forms or     
      Download section or can be requested by mail to  
   • All filled Registration forms should be sent by e-mail to
   • Once your registration is validated you will receive the TechIdeaSpace Submission Form
  Stage 2: Idea Submission Form

   • Basic Details about your Idea are requested in the TechIdeaSpace Submission  Form
   • IDEA Submission form needs to be submitted within one month  following validation of Registration
   • Best Innovative ideas will be selected for stage 3

  Stage 3: Submission of Business Model

  • Assistance will be provided to work out your Business Model.
  • Participants of Best Innovative Ideas will submit their Business Model
  • Ideas with best Business Model will advance to stage 4
  Stage 4: Join Boot Camp

  • The Participants with best IDEAS will join the Boot Camp to get Assistance to prepare Business Plan; Financial Forecasts; Pitching of IDEA.
  • Submit Exec. Summary and Financial Forecasts.
  Stage 5: Assessment, Selection and Pitching

  • Assessment of Exec. Summary and Financials.
  • IDEAS with best Executive Summary & Financials to submit Pitching.
  •Assess IDEA Pitch and improve  

  Stage 6: Pitch your IDEA
  • Pitching of IDEA with Panel of Jury
  • One to one mentoring in setting up Business 
  • Assist in Pitching IDEA with Potential Investors and FI’s



17. What are the timelines for TechIdeaSpace 2017

Time Frame
Stage 1- Registration/Validation
Registration  is Open
Validation starts
Around a week from Registration
Stage 2- IDEA Form Submission
 Submission of TechIdeaSpace Form
Around 1 month from validation
Selection of Best Innovative Ideas
Around 1 to 2 weeks
Stage 3- Submission of Business Model
Assistance for Business Model
Date to be decided
Submission of Business Model
Within a month after assistance
Assessment of Business Model
Around 2 weeks
Stage 4- Join BootCamp for Assistance
To Prepare Business Plan, Financial Forecasts,
Start-up, Costs and Pitching of IDEA
Date to be decided
Submission of Exe.Summary, Financials
Around 6 to 7 weeks
Stage 5- Assess Executive Summary, Financials and Pitching
Assessment of Exec.Summ, Financials
Around 2 to 3 weeks
Submission of Pitch
Around 2 weeks after assessment
Assessment of IDEA Pitch
Around 2 weeks after submission
Stage 6- Pitch Your IDEA 
Pitching of IDEA with Panel  of Jury
Once Idea Pitch is finalised
Pitching of IDEA with FI’s Investors
Date to be decided
One to One mentoring in setting up Business




18. What are the submission guidelines?

All forms and guidelines for submission will be provided to your Team Leader as and when you have made it for the next stage.
19. What should I do if I do not have Internet Access at Home?
You can also access internet from any one of the following Public Internet Access Points (PIAPS)   situated in 95 Posts offices around the island as per link given with the exception in Black River, Case Noyale, Flacq, Pointe aux Sables, Postal Museum, Riviere du Post and Tombeau Bay.