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NCB Technopreneurship Programme (National Computer Board)

More on the Competition

ICT Innovative Business IDEA Competition 2017- 2018: Registration Deadline to participate EXTENDED to 26th MARCH 2018. ​


The ICT Innovative Business Idea Competition 2017 is to attract and encourage the innovative minds from our University students by challenging their creativity and capacity to come up with Innovative Business IDEAS in ICT, focussing particularly in the creation of the next big Innovative ICT Solutions to solve life real problems and to improve daily life of citizens.
The business IDEA has to demonstrate innovation and creativity at first, following which the Business MODEL need to convince the Jury Members that this is the best MODEL for the Innovative IDEA.  Moreover the commercial viability of the IDEA needs to be demonstrated together with a live presentation in front of the jury members.
The Competition will have different stages as follows: 
  • Launching, Registration and  Validation
  • Submission of IDEA Form
  • Screening of application and selection best teams based on IDEAS by judges.
  • Training to work out Business Model, Business plan and Financial Forecasts.
  • Submission of Business Model, assessment and selection based on best Business Model.
  • Assistance to work out Business Plan and Financial Forecasts.
  • Submission of Business Plan and Financial Forecasts.
  • Assessment and selection of team for next stage.
  • Assistance to prepare Live Presentation.
  • Live presentation of project to select award winning team.
  • Award Ceremony​