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NCB Technopreneurship Programme (National Computer Board)
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Start Time: June 20, 2019 09:00 | End Time: June 20, 2019 16:00
Location: Palms Hotel, 66 St Jean Road, Quatre Bornes
About SME TECH-INNOV Conference
In this modern era of digital technology, Start-ups and SME’s need to be aware of the various technologies that is rapidly changing the markets and the way traditional businesses are being disrupted by Companies using digital technologies. The SME Tech-Innov Conference will focus on the core challenges and the various opportunities that technology and innovation can bring in the way SME’s do business.
Why should you attend?
·   To identify how alternative financing Schemes help SMEs make educated choices.
·   To get prepared for the cashless payments.
·   To finalise the deal anytime and anywhere with e-commerce
·   To  create awareness of the advantages of Data for SMEs Business.
·   To inspire SMEs to reach the masses with minimal costs.
·   To  increase awareness of cyber security among the SMEs and Start-ups.
Who Should Attend
·        Start-ups
·        MSME’s
·        SME’s
·        Potential would be Start-ups
·        Women Entrepreneurs
·        TechStart-ups
Registration Form
FILL OUT FORM  or Download Event Registration form  and send to or by fax to 212 4240
Date and Venue
Thursday 20th June 2019, at Palms Hotel, 66 St Jean Road, Quatre Bornes

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