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NCB Technopreneurship Programme (National Computer Board)
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Award Ceremony of the ICT Innovative Business IDEA Competition

Start Time: November 30, 2016 19:00 | End Time: November 30, 2016 22:00
Location: Swami Vivekananda International Convention Centre, Pailles
The ICT Innovative Business Idea Competition was a success!!
The Ministry of Technology, Communication and Innovation, The National Computer Board and the State Bank of Mauritius congratulated everyone who participated for this competition. Some 112 participants showed interest for the Competition, Some 41 teams Registration forms were validated and some 34 teams made out for Stage I, 15 teams were selected for Stage II and 10 Teams made it through to the finals. Almost all the ideas received were very innovative as well as impressive. Consequently, this made it really difficult for the jury members to distinguish the winners. After many deliberations from our judges, it was finally able to make the best selection.

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